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Frequently Asked Questions

Is The Stock Footage Club a one-time fee?



Unlike traditional stock footage sites that charge on a per-video basis or offer expensive auto-renewing memberships, The Stock Footage Club is a one-time single payment. You pay once for unlimited access to our complete library


For a very limited time, we are offering you the ability to be grandfathered into The Stock Footage Club at the cheapest price we will ever offer.

Are there any upsells/additional payments?

Absolutely not


We do not have any limits, credit systems, or restrictions on our library. As a founder member of The Stock Footage Club, you will receive instant access to our complete library with unlimited downloads/access.


This is a one-time payment, so you don’t have to worry about any automated monthly or yearly renewal fees. We will never ask you for any future payments, the founder special deal locks in access to our whole library, and all of our future updates will be free of charge


A number of digital products in recent years have decided to release a ‘basic’ version of their software at an affordable price, and then ask you to upgrade after your purchase to unlock the full version, usually, the full version has a lot more features, of which are typically essential to the software. We strictly do not have this type of business model and don’t offer any upgrades like this


We would, however, like to inform you that once you become a member you will have the ability to purchase our other products with an exclusive discount


These upgrades are all separate from The Stock Footage Club. For example, one of the upgrades is our Stock Photos Mega Bundle which may be useful to you if you would like to also use high-quality stock photos in your marketing.

These upgrades are 100% optional and not required to access The Stock Footage Club in any sense


By purchasing these optional upgrades, members will support us in expanding our Stock Footage Club library and offering more frequent updates.

How many files can I download per day?

You can download unlimited files per day


Please note: You can not use any manual or automated software, devices or other processes to download files from our website. This includes spiders, robots, scrapers, crawlers, etc. Our system will restrict your account if you abuse our website.

How often are you updating the library?

We will be regularly updating our library with new stock video footage and other various video elements. As a founding member, you will receive access to all future files for free


We are planning to update the library with hundreds of video clips per week.

Can I download files from all categories?

Yes, as explained previously, you will receive unlimited access and downloads to our whole library.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept PayPal as a payment method.


If you do not have a PayPal account, you can checkout without one using you credit card through PayPal.

Do you offer a free trial?

Free trials are usually available for recurring memberships. Since Stock Footage Club is one-time payment with unlimited downloads we do not offer a free trial. We do however offer a full 30 days refund policy. (Provided you have not downloaded more then 30 files)

Does it work offline?

To access the main Stock Footage Club membership library, you will be required to be connected to the internet to browse our library.


Once you have downloaded the stock footage to your computers hard-drive, you will be able to use the video file without a connection to the internet.

Does it work on iPad and Mobile?

Yes, with our latest website interface update, it is fully compatible on tablets and mobile devices. You will be able to browse the library, download files and then import these files into your favourite video editing apps.

Product Questions

What video resolution do you provide?

All of our video elements are delivered in HD resolution.


A very large majority of the video elements and stock videos are delivered in 1080p. (1920 pixels x 1080 pixels)


Some of our newer stock footage videos and video elements are delivered in 4k resolution


All video clips can be scaled and resized in a majority of top video editing applications or using free online software.

What file-types do you provide?

All video elements and stock videos are formatted in standard video formats that are importable in 99% of video editing applications and software.


Around half of our stock footage videos are formatted in MP4 format. The other half of stock videos are formatted in MOV format


The Motion Backgrounds and Special Effects libraries are delivered in MP4 format.


Our other video elements come in multiple versatile file formats such as:

  • MOV
  • MP4
  • SWF
  • FLV
  • GIF
  • PNG


If your software application does not support these standard formats you can use a free online video converting the app to convert the file to the format of your choice.

What are the file-sizes of your elements?

A majority of our video elements are under 100 megabytes in size.


We have the option for you to filter by file-size while browsing our library


The file size is dependant on the individual video element.

Are the elements compatible inside my editor?

A majority of video editors and creation tools will support our video elements and stock footage videos.


Our stock videos are formatted in standard .mp4 and .mov video formats.


Please refer to your software’s user manual to confirm if they support importing these file formats.


To remove the background from our green screen elements your editor must support chroma key background removal.


Please note that The Stock Footage Club does not provide a video creator/editor – we offer a library of video elements that you can use in conjunction with your favorite video editing software.


If you don’t have an editor we suggest Vidello Create, Filmora, Movavi, or Camtasia.


Our animated elements work well in Toonly and Doodly.

Do the stock footage videos have background audio?

No. A majority of our stock videos do not have background sounds. If they do, we will usually mute them as they are mostly distorted and low quality.

You can use our professionally recorded sound effects from the Sound Effects Club included in your purchase to spice up your stock videos.

(Example: Use the wave sound effect on top of a stock video of a beach with waves)

Can I preview the library before I purchase?

You can preview our library before purchasing by clicking here.


While previewing the library you will not be able to download any files. Once you purchase the founder’s special you will receive login details to log in and download files from the library.


Don’t hesitate to contact us if you run into any issues as we’ve just recently completely revamped the platform and user interface.


We have our developers working on any site bugs or issues and our premium support is here if you run into any issues with incorrect video metadata.


If you are looking for a particular video but can’t find it, please contact us so we can assist you in finding what you are looking for.

What does your license allow?

Our license allows you to use our stock video footage and other video elements inside your own personal and commercial projects and also projects that you are working on for your client/s.


Our only restriction is that you cannot redistribute or resell the videos as stock footage videos in any way.


You can use these videos in your own work and you include these videos into a bigger project for clients. A couple of examples include a video carousel on a webpage or a sales video for a client. Another example would be if you created video intros or outros using our backgrounds – you would be able to sell those.


By purchasing and access the service you must agree to or license terms


You can read the full license details here.

Can I use a video in different media formats?

Yes, you can use the videos in any media format … websites, videos, webinars, live-streaming videos, social media sites, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, on Powerpoint and Keynote presentation slides, etc.


You can use each video as many times as you wish and in as many formats as you wish … without additional charge.


If you are unsure about any proposed usage, please contact our helpdesk and we will clarify the situation.

Can I use your elements in my client's projects?

Yes, the license agreement provides commercial usage which allows you to use the videos in works that you create for clients.


If you are unsure about any proposed usage, please contact our helpdesk, and we will clarify the situation.

Do I have to attribute/credit when I use your footage?

All our videos are provided on a non-attribution basis, so there is no necessity to link back to our site.